Innovative Catheters For Safe and Precise Interventional Procedures


Ilan Ben Oren
Founder and CTO

Ilan Ben Oren, founder of Eximo Medical, is an experienced physicist with extensive expertise in the development of medical devices.

Mr. Ben Oren's experience as CTO in other companies includes Accelmed, Exalenz Bioscience Ltd. (TASE:EXEN) and Oridion Medical (SWX:ORIDN, Sold to Covidien). Prior to that, he served as a senior physicist in Scitex and participated for five years in applied research at the laser center of Hadassah Hospital and the Hebrew University, Jerusalem.

Ilan holds an M.Sc. (Summa Cum Laude) in Applied Physics and Material Science from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He is author of more than 35 patents and patent applications in the field of medical technologies and electro-optics.