Innovative Catheters For Safe and Precise Interventional Procedures

Gastrointestinal resection/ablations - Pipeline

Resection and ablation procedures can be essential in the treatment of many gastrointestinal disorders. Eximo's innovative catheter can play a significant role by introducing an accurate and relatively safe therapeutic solution for a variety of disorders, including:

Controlled resection and ablation of localized tumors in pancreas/liver

Eximo develops novel catheters for minimally invasive treatments of localized tumors in organs, such as pancreas and liver, that can be used in endoscopy interventions and/or laparoscopy procedures or robot-assisted interventions.

Barrett's Esophagus (BE)

Barrett's Esophagus occurs when normal esophageal cells are replaced by abnormal cells, usually as a result of Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD). BE prevalence in general population is greater than 1.5% and in patients with GERD this is greater than 10%. A person with BE at age 50 may have ~10% lifetime probability of developing terminal esophagus cancer. However, current BE treatment methods are not satisfactory.

Flat Polyps in the Colon

Polyps of the colon are mucosal lesions that project into the lumen of the bowel. In 5-10% of the cases the polyps are difficult to detect and remove because they are flat. Such lesions may be of particular concern because they pose a high risk of malignancy, especially on the right side of the colon.


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