Innovative Catheters For Safe and Precise Interventional Procedures


Eximo's single-use catheter combines the best out of the two leading technology solutions:
optical fibers that deliver a short-pulse laser plus a "blunt" mechanical blade.

When an intravascular deposit obstructs the forward movement of the catheter through the vessel, the laser component applies just enough highly precise energy to ablate the material and the micro-traumatic area allows penetration of the mechanical tip to gently complete the separation process until the catheter can continue its progress and ablate/detach the blocking deposit or tissue.

The innovative catheter has significant advantages over other existing solutions for PAD:

  • Provides maximum level of accuracy and efficiency
  • Allows safe procedures without collateral damage
  • Easy to use
  • Small "footprint" that fits any operating room
  • Affordable

Eximo's intellectual property is protected by several international granted and pending patent applications.